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What is a public PAMM Account?

When managers open a PAMM Account, they must choose whether the account will be public or private. It is not possible to change the status of a PAMM Account after it has been created.

Public PAMM Accounts appear in the PAMM Accounts ratings on our site. When this type of account is opened, a thread is automatically created in the Alpari Forum where the manager can connect with current and potential investors. Before you can register a public PAMM Account, you will need to be registered in the Alpari Forum. The public PAMM Account is designed for managers who wish to actively seek investment.

Private PAMM Accounts do not appear in the PAMM Accounts ratings on our site. They do not have their own thread on the Forum. The private PAMM Account allows managers to try out the PAMM Service and work out new trading strategies while limiting client interaction. Private PAMM Account managers are not required to respond to investor questions in the Alpari Forum.

To make a PAMM Account public, create a name a description for the account and then:

  • Go to the section "My PAMM Accounts" from myAlpari.
  • Click on the appropriate PAMM Account.
  • In the section.
  • Click "Publish" under the name of the PAMM Account you would like to make public.
  • Enter your login and password for the Forum.

If anyone had already invested in your PAMM Account when it was still private, the functionality of their investment account will remain the same as before after you make your account public.


  • The first time you make a PAMM Account public, you will need to choose a nickname for the Alpari Forum. The nickname you choose will be permanently tied to your myAlpari account.
  • The next time you make a PAMM Account public, you will be assigned the same nickname you chose for the first account.

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