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What happens when liquidating a PAMM account?

During PAMM Account liquidation, the PAMM Account and all investment accounts are closed and liquidated. The liquidation process may either be initiated by the manager or by Alpari.

The remaining funds of the manager and the investors will be automatically transferred to their respective transitory accounts.

Manager Liquidation:

The PAMM Account manager may choose to liquidate their PAMM Account by submitting a liquidation request. They can do this in the "PAMM Managers" tab in myAlpari. Before doing this, the manager must close all open positions on the PAMM Account. If there are any remaining open or pending positions on the account, a request to liquidate the PAMM Account will be rejected.

After the manager has submitted their request to liquidate the PAMM Account:

  • The manager won't be able to make any further transactions on the account.
  • Notification of the account's liquidation will be posted on Alpari's website.

Alpari Liquidation:

Alpari may liquidate PAMM Accounts in any of the following events:

  • A low indicator level in the PAMM Account monitoring (the account will be liquidated automatically, without prior warning).
  • Fraud is suspected (with prior warning).
  • No trading activity for a long period of time (with prior warning).
  • The manager failed to comply with the Forum rules (with prior warning).
  • The manager wasn't active in the Forum or failed to answer investor questions in the personal thread in a timely fashion (with prior warning).
  • Other reasons (with or without prior warning and explanation).

When Alpari liquidates a PAMM Account:

  • All open positions will be closed at the current market price. If the position is on a session-traded instrument, it will be closed at the last market price.
  • All pending orders will be deleted.
  • The manager will be blocked from completing any further trades on the PAMM Account (the PAMM Account will be in "inactive mode").
  • A notification of the liquidation will be posted on the Alpari site.

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