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What settings does a manager need to apply in order to accept investor funds?

The manager’s proposal: what it is and how to create one

The manager's proposal lists the conditions on offer to investors. Each PAMM account can only have one public proposal.

To create a proposal:

  • Log in to myAlpari.
  • Go to the PAMM accounts page.
  • Select the required PAMM account.
  • Click on the "Proposal" tab.
  • Use one of the existing templates or modify one to create your own terms.
  • Click "Create proposal"

To create an additional proposal, click on the “Create new proposal” tab. Choose your settings and click “Create proposal”. This proposal will be hidden by default and won’t be available to new investors. To make it your public proposal, click “Publish”.

The request planner: how it works

In the request planner, managers set the schedule for rollovers on the account. It is during rollovers that withdrawal requests from investors are processed. Rollovers may be set for any time of day.

To adjust your request planner:

  • Log in to myAlpari.
  • Go to "My PAMM accounts".
  • Select the appropriate PAMM account.
  • From the account window, click on "Requests".
  • Click on the corresponding point to set when you will process requests.
  • Set how you wish to receive request notifications (email or SMS).

Request threshold

The request threshold is the time interval up until which requests are accepted for the next rollover. If a request is made after the threshold, it will be processed at the next available rollover.

Example: Suppose the manager processes new requests at 12:00 and at 18:00 (server time). Before 12:00, a 30 minute threshold is created. Therefore, if the investor creates their request at 11:31, the order is just over the threshold, and so will be processed at the next available time slot – 18:00.

PAMM account rollover

A PAMM account rollover (or simply "rollover") takes place at the end of each trading hour. During a rollover, the following takes place:

  • Trading results are finalised and recorded.
  • The manager's remuneration is calculated.
  • Deposit and withdrawal requests are processed.
  • Information about the PAMM account on the Alpari site is updated.

There are two types of rollover:

  • Active rollover: During this type of rollover, PAMM account data is updated, PAMM managers and partners are paid remuneration, and requests for deposits and withdrawals are processed.
  • Idle rollover: Withdrawal requests are not processed.

The number of active rollovers on a PAMM account and how often they will take place is determined by the manager in the request planner.

Please note:

  • PAMM accounts must have at least one active rollover every 24 hours.
  • The times shown in the request planner are EET.

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