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As expected, the last day of the week brings us corrections to recent movements, especially those on USD and instruments connected to it (commodities). This doesn’t change the long-term situation on most assets, but it could be the start of a bigger reversal for some, which may continue for the next few weeks.

Tomasz Wisniewski
26 April, 12:18 (GMT+3)
Market sessions

On Thursday the 25th of April, trading on the euro closed 0.2% down. The state of the Eurozone economy is weighing down on the euro, with the strength of the US dolla...

Matthew Anthony
26 April, 09:59 (GMT+3)

This week has seen some crucial movements on the US dollar. USD made new local highs/lows on many instruments; the DXY and EURUSD being the best examples. It seems that it’s tim...

Tomasz Wisniewski
25 April, 15:21 (GMT+3)

What is the name of the instrument that was extremely popular at the end of 2017 and is now in the shadows? Yes, that’s right, it’s bitcoin. What can we say about this crypto no...

Tomasz Wisniewski
01 April, 09:05 (GMT+3)
Metals: gold and silver

The end of 2018 and the beginning of 2019 were excellent for gold, but something changed at the end of February. The precious metal is currently under heavy pressure and the out...

Tomasz Wisniewski
01 April, 08:28 (GMT+3)

I am a huge fan of Gold and I look at this instrument almost every day. Silver lives in its shadow, but that does not mean that I ignore this asset. I most recently analysed thi...

Tomasz Wisniewski
18 February, 15:34 (GMT+3)

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