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As you probably know, Wednesday was pretty bad for USD, but by the end of the week, the greenback had managed to recover most of its losses. There is a pair where the drop from Wednesday wasn’t even visible – USDCAD. Wednesday’s candlestick is bearish, which while true, is not relevant from a technical point of view. Those from Thursday and Friday are, though, as they show us the reversal and the strength of the bulls.

Tomasz Wisniewski
25 March, 12:43 (GMT+3)
Market sessions

Wow, what a week for USD! First, on Wednesday, traders were surprised by the ‘more than expected’ dovish approach from the FOMC, which provoked them to short the US dollar. Then...

Tomasz Wisniewski
25 March, 11:54 (GMT+3)

Last week was pretty rough for the US Dollar. We witnessed an impressive decline after the FOMC meeting followed by a nice recovery on Friday. On most of the currency pairs on t...

Tomasz Wisniewski
25 March, 11:40 (GMT+3)

March did not start well for global indices. In this piece, we will focus on the DAX, because after the ECB decision on Thursday, this is theoretically the most interesting inde...

Tomasz Wisniewski
11 March, 15:10 (GMT+3)

On Friday, WTI oil took a hit, with the price shedding nearly 2 USD a barrel. By the end of the day, the asset had managed to recover nearly all of its losses, but what could be...

Tomasz Wisniewski
11 March, 13:50 (GMT+3)

Time to update our traders about the situation on WTI oil, where in our opinion, the correction that started in December is coming to an end. Buyers had a good run but it looks ...

Tomasz Wisniewski
11 February, 16:43 (GMT+3)

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