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Bitcoin to dollar exchange rate

Online bitcoin (BTC) to dollar (USD) price chart

Cryptocurrency assets have become very popular in recent times. Bitcoin (BTC) is today’s most well-known and widely-used digital currency that can be bought and sold. This is due to a large number of BTC transactions taking place on exchanges, as well as the appearance of more and more online stores and services that accept payments in BTC.

To get an idea of the current situation so as not to miss out on the trend, BTC holders need to know how much one bitcoin is currently worth in dollars or another fiat currency. On this page, you will find all the latest information you need relating to the price of bitcoin.

How the price is determined

As the price of a cryptocurrency isn’t backed by any physical assets and depends only on demand, prices on exchanges can fluctuate in response to:

  • Global economic news;
  • Dynamics of transactions;
  • Changes in the direction of the trend.

Bitcoin is a completely independent currency, so while linking it to fiat money is rather tenuous, it’s an accepted standard to express price changes in USD. So, what you really see is the value of BTC in relation to USD.

Where to see live bitcoin quotes

Making transactions on exchanges requires consistently having accurate and up-to-date information on the cryptocurrency’s price.

You can now come here to find this information, which is constantly updated on our charts and tables in real time. This data is based on large transactions taking place across major exchanges, news developments, and demand for the cryptocurrency.

Predictive indicators

The popularisation of cryptocurrencies and their acknowledgement by many countries across the world gives hope that adoption of these assets will continue to increase. After all, bitcoin is convenient and reliable, and addresses all the security concerns that people have over their personal funds.

However, this means of exchange has no form of economic backing, meaning that the value of cryptocurrencies in general and the Bitcoin system in particular, relies directly on demand for the asset. The current economic situation looks promising for bitcoin, giving hope that its value will stabilise and steadily climb upwards.

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