Economic Calendar

Economic Calendar

Stay up to date with the important financial events and economic news to take advantage of trading opportunities.

How to use our Economic Calendar

The economic calendar is automatically updated when new data is released. It displays events in chronological order, and lists both the time and date that each event is due to happen.

Filter dates by day, week, or month to see exactly what’s happening and when. Within the time frame you choose, you can also customise to check out the latest on the countries or economic events you’d like to monitor.

Use the keyword search bar to focus on any particular events you think might impact the markets you’re trading.

Once you click on the event that interests you, you’ll access to more information as well as a price chart showing historical data to help you decide if and how you'd like to place trades based on the information.

Investing in currencies? Look out for the flag icon that represents the country of that particular data release, so you can keep an eye on currencies that might be impacted with just a quick, simple scroll.

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