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How can I calculate my trading turnover in the Cashback program?

The Cashback Program includes both open and closed trade orders for calculating the trading turnover.

The calculation currency is USD. If the currency of the contract is not in USD, then a conversion is made at the Bid price in the MetaTrader 4 terminal at the moment the order is opened or closed.

When an order is partially closed, only the closed portion of the order is considered.

Example: Calculating the trading turnover.

The client opens a position of 1 lot of EURUSD with a Bid price of 1.29000.

For opening the position he accumulates 129,000 USD turnover (100,000 EUR (contract size) × 1 lot × 1.29000).

In the space of a week, when the Bid price equals 1.30000, the client closes half the position and receives another 100,000 EUR (contract size) × 0.5 lots × 1.30000 = 65,000 USD turnover.

The total turnover for the client over the week reaches 194,000 USD, for which he receives bonus points, multiplied by the coefficient for the level of trading turnover and the coefficient of the status of their myAlpari.

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