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How can I earn bonus points and how is the number of points calculated?

Bonus points are awarded for:

  • myAlpari registration — 50 ALP.
  • Opening an account (other than demo accounts) — 30 ALP (points are credited only once for the opening of the first live trading account of any type).
  • Making a deposit to your account.
  • Keeping up your trading turnover.
  • Investing in structured products.
  • Investing in PAMM accounts (awarded in accordance with your share in the funds constituting the turnover).
  • Trading Fix-Contracts.

To earn more bonus points for the same activity, raise the status of your myAlpari. What's more, the successful performance of your structured products allows you to multiply the points that you're awarded.

Levels for trading and investment turnover

You can earn the majority of your bonus points through a healthy trading and investment turnover level. Just like your status, this level determines the coefficient by which the bonus points that you have earned are multiplied. This level is calculated based on your trading and investment turnover over the past week.

More detailed information about the coefficient can be found on the Bonus account page in myAlpari.

Bonus points for this activity are calculated according to the following formula:

Bonus to be awarded = Turnover coefficient × Turnover (million USD) × myAlpari status coefficient.

Let's say that your trading balance is 0.8 million USD and you have a 1.3 myAlpari status coefficient. If your current trading turnover level is 150 ALP per million, you will receive:
1.3 × 0.8 million USD × 150 ALP = 156 ALP.

Levels for trading Fix-Contracts

In contrast to the bonuses acquired according to trading and investment turnover, the level of the coefficient for trading Fix-Contracts depends on the investment amount. The larger the investment, the more points you receive for each dollar invested.

The bonus for this activity is calculated according to the following formula:

Activity bonus = Investment amount x myAlpari status coefficient x Level coefficient.

You can find out more about the calculation of bonus points for trading Fix-Contracts, depending on the investment amount in a contract, in the Rules of the Alpari Cashback Program.

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