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What is the difference between the Capital and Energy wallets?

The bonus account consists of the Capital wallet and the Energy wallet. The Capital wallet receives bonus points awarded for making deposits to your trading or transitory account, while the Energy wallet receives all the other bonus points that you earn (for example from your trading or investment turnover, investments in structured products and portfolios, registering for myAlpari and so on). The units of the bonus wallets are measured in Alps (ALP).

When you buy a discount, bonus points from your Energy wallet are used first. If there are not enough bonus points in the wallet, then bonus points from the Capital wallet are used. Likewise, Capital bonus points are deducted when funds are withdrawn from myAlpari.

Example of calculating funds in the Capital and Energy wallets:

A client's myAlpari has been assigned Silver status, therefore their bonus points are multiplied by a coefficient of 1.1. If the client makes a deposit to their account of 1,000 USD, then they are awarded bonus points based on the following formula:

Bonus Points Awarded = Transfer Amount × Status Coefficient × Bonus for Action.

The number of ALP for this client is: 1,000 × 1.1 × 0.1 = 110 ALP.

The client continues trading and investing on the markets and is awarded a further 400 bonus points. With the bonus points they have received, the client purchases a discount, costing 500 ALP, with bonus points from their Energy wallet. The client undertakes some trading on their account, making a profit of 300 USD, and then decides to withdraw 1,100 USD.

Bonus Points will be deducted from the Capital wallet according to the following formula:

Bonus Points Deducted = Transfer Amount × Status Coefficient × Bonus for Action.

So, when making this withdrawal, the client will be deducted: 1,100 × 1.1 × 0.1 = 121 ALP.

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