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The PAMM service

The PAMM service is an original creation of Alpari which has gained worldwide popularity. It brings traders and investors together under mutually beneficial terms.

PAMM accounts
PAMM portfolios

For investors

  • Return

    The potential of the Forex market is unlitmited. You can earn high returns by investing in a PAMM account or PAMM portfolio without being skilled at trading.

  • Transparency

    The PAMM service has undergone a compliance check by an international auditing firm. You can see the results of the audit for yourself in myAlpari.

  • Control

    You can withdraw your profits, or all of your funds, at any moment via myAlpari. You can also spread your risks by investing in several different PAMM accounts or a ready-made portfolio.

Alpari Invest

Alpari Invest

Alpari Invest

Investments forever at your fingertips

How to invest

  • Select a suitable PAMM account from the ratings

  • Register with myAlpari and top up your transitory account however you find convenient

  • Invest and manage the funds on your investment account from myAlpari

Select a PAMM account

PAMM account reviews

Check our analytical reviews of the best active PAMM accounts


For managers

  • Potential

    Earn some extra income by successfully managing investor funds on a PAMM account and keeping a share of the profits as a reward. You can also assemble a PAMM portfolio to attract even more investments.

  • Objectivity

    The best advertisement for your PAMM account is to maintain a high position in the independent ratings, whose authenticity has been verified by an international auditing company.

  • Security

    All calculations concerning investors are carried out automatically. All your trades are securely protected from copying.

How to become a manager

  • Register with myAlpari if you haven't already done so

  • Open a PAMM account, set the manager's capital, and transfer the respective amount from your transitory account

  • Set the terms of the proposal according to which you will be accepting investments on your PAMM account and start trading

Open PAMM account

Refer partners

If you need some help promoting your PAMM account you can always invite a partner to work with you. This may include an advertising specialist, an analyst, a manager, and so on. Any Alpari client can be a partner, who will receive a certain amount of remuneration under certain conditions depending on the type of partner program selected.

Referral partner
Referral partner
Referral partners get a share of the profit earned by managers on each client they refer.
Auxiliary partner
Auxiliary partner
Auxiliary partners receive a fixed percentage of the manager's profit under individually agreed-upon terms.

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