How is commission on pro.ecn.mt4 and ecn.mt5 accounts calculated?

Here is the formula you can use to calculate the amount of commission you will pay trading on PRO.ECN accounts (USD is used in the example):

Commission = (Contract Size × USD-to-base-currency Exchange Rate / 1,000,000) × 16 USD × 2

Let’s see how much you will pay in commission on a hypothetical trade for 1 lot of EURUSD:

  • Trading Instrument: EURUSD
  • Trade Volume: 1 lot
  • Contract Size: 100,000 EUR
  • EURUSD Rate When Position Opened: 1.33470

Just plug in the numbers:

Commission = (100,000 × 1.33470 / 1,000,000) × 16 USD × 2 = 4.27 USD


  • For pro.ecn.mt4 accounts commission is taken only when a position is opened, accounting for both the opening and the closing of the position.
  • For ecn.mt5 accounts, commission is taken separately from the trading account balance for the opening and the closing of a position.
  • If your account is denominated in EUR, RUR or GLD, your commission will be converted into USD at the current exchange rate in MetaTrader.