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What is a "boundary"? What is a "cap level"?

With Touch Products, you can choose to set a boundary above the current price level, below the current price level or both above and below the current price level. Then you decide whether you think the price of the base asset "will touch" or "won’t touch" the level(s) you chose before the product reaches maturity. If, for example, you guess that the base asset price "will touch" the boundary level and the price does reach this level before the product reaches maturity, you will earn a profit on your investment. It doesn’t matter if the price of the base asset drops back down below the boundary level – as long as the price reaches this level before maturity, you will earn a profit.

With Capped Products, the cap level is the price of the base asset at which a product's return on investment maxes out. Price movement beyond this level will not result in an increased return on investment.

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