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How are my account statistics calculated on my GLD account?

With a GLD-denominated account, your account balance, equity, margin and free margin will all be measured in GLD, as will your profits/losses, swap charges and commissions. With your trading statistics, 1 GLD may be calculated as one thousandth (0.001) of the spot rate of gold to the US dollar (XAUUSD). For deposits and withdrawals, conversions will be made at the current rates at Alpari, which are updated daily and may be found in myAlpari.

Example: Calculating Required Margin in GLD

Let’s say you would like to open the following position:

  • Trading Instrument: EURUSD
  • Base Currency: EUR
  • Account Denomination: GLD
  • Transaction Volume: 100,000 EUR (1 lot)
  • Leverage: 1:500
  • EURUSD Rate When Position Opened: 1.30815
  • XAUUSD Rate When Position Opened: 1697.48


When calculating margin requirements in GLD, remember that 1 unit of GLD is equal to one thousandth the spot rate of gold (XAUUSD).

Here’s the math:

With 500:1 leverage, you will need the equivalent of 200 EUR to open the position (100,000 / 500 = 200). Next you will need to convert this amount into USD: 200 × 1.30815 = 261.63 USD.

Finally, we will convert to GLD. Since XAUUSD is at 1,697.48, and 1 GLD = 0.001 XAUUSD, we can calculate the GLD to USD conversion rate as 1.69748 (0.001 × 1,697.48 = 1.69748). Now convert from USD to GLD: 261.63 / 1.69748 = 154.13 GLD. You will need 154.13 GLD to open the position.

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