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What does a PAMM partner do?

Partners can refer investors to a PAMM account and receive part of the remuneration that is paid to the manager.

To become a partner, you'll need to get in touch with the PAMM account manager through the forum, agree on the terms, and tell them your myAlpari account number. The manager will then register this number as belonging to a partner, upon which the client will receive an email notification. From this moment, the partner can start referring clients.

A partner can register a referred investor as follows:

  • Place a special link containing your PAMM partner number on your personal website or other Internet resource. If a client comes to Alpari's site from your site and opens an investment account, your PAMM partner number will be automatically entered in the appropriate field of the registration form and the client will be considered to have been referred by you.

Confirmation of referrals by partners are done through the use of cookies

Cookies are valid for 90 days from the moment the referral link was last used to access the PAMM account's page. In the event that an investor receives more than one link from different partners, the partner whose link to the PAMM account was most recently used by the investor will be linked to the investor when they create their investment account.

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