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Durable Goods Orders

Definition: This index measures the volume of orders of durable goods, or goods whose intended lifespan is three years or more.

Description: The Durable Goods report is considered a leading indicator of US manufacturing activity. An increase in orders means more future business for manufacturers. The market often moves on this report in spite of its high volatility. Approximately 3/5 of all durable goods orders are for cars and trucks, with building materials, furniture, and household items accounting for most of the remaining part.

Influence: The Durable Goods report is often able to detect shifts in the US economy up to six months in advance. A decline in orders may signal an economic slowdown (and drop in the US dollar), whereas an increase could signal expansion (and rise in the US dollar).

Market Impact: Medium

Released: Monthly, during the final week of the month at 13:30 GMT.

Source: US Census Bureau


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