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Articles about Forex trading

On this page you can find articles about working on financial markets, written by company specialists and our clients; all exerienced traders and investors. A fresh look at the market, stories of success, Forex secrets and more in our articles.

What is currency correlation in Forex?

14/12/2018 | Alpari

There are many techniques that Forex traders can use to trade the market and improve their trading strategy. One of the most powerful yet often neglected techniques is trading on Forex correlation. This is especially important for traders who trade more than one currency pair or want to build a portfolio of trades, in which case Forex correlation can significantly boost profitability and reduce market risk. In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know about correlation between Forex pairs, and we’ll even raise it to the next level by introducing currency correlation on news releases. Although Forex correlation may sound complicated and intimidating at first, I assure you it’s pretty easy to incorporate in your daily trading routine once you understand the concept properly.

How to start trading Forex

13/12/2018 | Alpari

If you’re asking yourself how to start trading Forex, don’t look any further. There are many important points you need to know before you start trading Forex, such as picking a broker, installing your trading platform, and analysing the market. These are just the essentials of trading, and you’ll need to gain experience on your own through trial and error on the market.

How Forex works: The complete beginner’s guide

01/10/2018 | Alpari

Whether you’re a complete beginner to Forex trading or have already placed a few trades, you’ll find useful information in our guide on how online Forex trading works. We’ll explain everything you need to know to jump-start your trading career, from the basics of trading, and what currencies are traded on Forex, to the various ways of analysing the market.

Forex Definition

01/10/2018 | Alpari

If you have ever taken a trip to a foreign country, chances are you had to exchange your domestic currency for the currency of the foreign country. Unbeknownst to you, you were part of the largest financial market in the world – the Forex market. If you’re interested in becoming a Forex trader now, then you’re in the right place. In this article, we’ll be covering everything you need to know about the exciting market known as Forex.

Forex trading leverage explained

01/10/2018 | Alpari

Most new traders start with small account sizes to get familiar with the market, develop their trading strategy, and get trading experience. However, trading with a small account size of a few hundred dollars can act as a major obstacle if you want to increase your profits. Especially on the Forex market, where currency pairs usually don’t fluctuate much on a daily basis, and traders can feel as though their account is going nowhere even if they have a few winning trades in a row. Fortunately, there’s a solution to increase your returns on winning trades – it’s called trading on leverage. And in this article, we’ll explain everything you need to know to start trading on leverage, what leverage means in the Forex market, and how to magnify your trading performance with your next winning streak. An understanding of leverage will make a huge difference to your bottom line.

Complete Forex trading tutorial for beginners

28/09/2018 | Alpari

There are many financial markets in the world, such as the stock, bond, and commodities markets, but few of them can compare to the Forex market in terms of daily turnover, trading hours, and opportunities. The Forex market is the largest financial market in the world and is open around the clock, from Monday to Friday. In this article, we’ll provide a Forex trading tutorial for new traders who are interested in joining this exciting market.

Tips on how to make money on Forex: From volatility to risk management

28/09/2018 | Alpari

The Forex market offers many lucrative trading opportunities on a regular basis, but many Forex traders still struggle to find a way to be consistently profitable. Emotions and inexperience, combined with inappropriate risk and trade management, are often the main obstacles that new Forex traders face. In addition, beginners usually don’t have a complete and well-rounded trading plan, don’t stick to their trading strategy, and often overtrade and chase the market for potential trade setups. In this article, we’ll address the main problems that prevent traders from making money on Forex, and provide easy-to-follow solutions for them.

7 tips on how to find the best Forex signal service providers

28/09/2018 | Alpari

With hundreds of Forex signal providers available to choose from, traders need to pay attention to all details, as often the slightest nuances determine which signal provider is the best. In this article, we’ll show what a Forex signal service is and what you need to look for when picking one to get the best Forex signals on the market. In addition, we’ll cover how to use and filter through the signal services that come included with MetaTrader 4 and 5.

How to find a great Forex trading course

27/09/2018 | Alpari

The learning path of all successful traders is the same: they started without knowing anything about the markets, but worked their way up through constant learning and trading experience. If you feel like you’re stuck in your trading process and don’t know what to do next, applying for a Forex trading course might your best decision.

Top Forex technical indicators all traders should know

27/09/2018 | Alpari

Analysing the Forex market can be tough for traders who are new to the market or who don’t have enough trading experience. Most beginners start by applying too many technical indicators to their charts, which usually leads to costly trading mistakes. In the end, those traders dismiss technical indicators as a viable tool to analyse the market, but the truth is that they can generate successful trading signals if you know how to use and interpret them correctly.


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