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Daily analytical report (25/04/17)

  • Gaps remain open. World stocks are at all time highs but on currency markets, traders seem asking the question; what comes next? Wasn't that surge a bit exaggerated? Is it really based on the strong fundamentals?
  • EURUSD still stays above two important horizontal supports - down trendline and 1.084 but we do not have higher highs and lows today so the chance for a gap closing movement has risen significantly. As long as we stay above those supports, the sentiment stays positive but buyers need to be extra careful here.
  • GBPUSD is still very high. Correction is very flat and is showing us that the buying pressure remains strong. Bullish continuation is very probable.
  • AUDNZD came back above the long-term neckline and the down trendline. In addition to that we had a bullish flag, which resulted in a breakout of the upper line. All that is positive and this sentiment should not be easily denied.

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