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BTC rebounds towards $65000 ahead of today’s “halving”

BTC rebounds towards $65000 ahead of today’s “halving”

Bitcoin has rebounded and is now trading above yesterday’s close (>63533.22) following the overnight escalation between Iran and Israel.

BTC investors and wider crypto community are now getting ready for the halving event which is finally lined up to happen today - April 19th at around 23:44 UTC time (according to Bitcoin Clock - a project by Bitbo).

Bitcoin halving – is the automatic reduction (by half) in the number of newly created bitcoin entering the circulation.


Historically bitcoin has managed to climb to an all-time high in the months following the event during the past 3 halvings (2012-16, 2016-17, 2020-21).

BTC performance 150 days after the halving:

  • 2012: BTC close price on the halving day – $12; 150 days later - $129 (+943%)
  • 2016: BTC close price on the halving day – $648; 150 days later – $759 (+18%)
  • 2020: BTC close price on the halving day – $8572; 150 days later – $10925 (+24.99%)


What can be different this time?

Some market participants are forecasting a $100,000/BTC after this halving, however by looking at the historical data, even if this would become true it likely won’t happen overnight.

It maybe a gradual increase over time, given that the media attention surrounding this topic has already been potentially priced in and contributed to the recent BTC rally, driving the prices to an all-time high last March.

Recently introduced spot BTC ETFs have also potentially altered the bitcoin dynamics. According to the 21Share report, the ETFs inflows are 5-7x greater than new BTC units being generated.

And lastly the uncertainty surrounding the fate of the interest rates in the US may, too, influence the price of Bitcoin. Higher for longer rates may scare investors off the riskier assets such as crypto.



Here is the list of estimated dates of the future halvings:



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