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23 January 2013

On June, 1, 2009 the General Motors Corporation announced the bankruptcy and its shares were excluded from the Dow Jones Index calculation.
We are pleased to announce that on May 20, 2011, we are lowering the commission for deposits from Visa and Mastercards to 2.5% of the amount deposited.
In connection with the celebration of Religious Freedom Day in the United States on January 16, bank wire transfers in USD submitted on January 13 after 13:30 GMT will be sent on January 17.
We've decided to add a little bit of intrigue to "Jackpot", our twice-yearly trading contest where contestants have the chance to win their share of nearly 175,000 USD in annual cash prizes.
Starting on March 5, the following currency pairs will be available on ndd.
A new round of our Successful Investor contest is starting today, May 1, 2012.
Alpari is happy to announce that we decrease our spreads! From April 6, 2009 spreads on 16 currency pairs and Gold (spot) will be amended.
Alpari is happy to announce that spreads in the most popular currency pairs will be tightened from 1.8 pips.
In accordance with the celebration of Good Friday on April 10, 2009 trading schedule will be changed.
Schedule changes at Rietumu Banka in view of the official Easter holidays.
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