Five Alpari Experts in the Ratings of the Most Quoted Analysts in Russia

29 Apr 201419:19

Dear Clients,

Medialogia has just released another quarterly rating of the most cited financial analysts in Russia. Five of Alpari's experts appear in the Top 50, with 2 of them amongst the Top 10.

According to Medialogia's research, the Head of the Analytics Department at Alpari, Alexander Razuvaev is the 6th most cited analyst in the ratings. Appearing in the Top 50 alongside Alexander are Anna Bodrova (10th place), Vladislav Antonov (21st place), Anna Kokoreva (24th place) and Daria Zhelannova (45th place).

The Analytics Department at Alpari consistently highlights the most important events on the Russian and world economies with relevant commentary and insights. Our experts take an active part in discussions on Russian and international TV channels, on the pages of the most respected business journals and newspapers, as well as on digital media and radio stations.

The Medialogia analysis includes over 385 analysts working in the Russian market, and takes into account more than 17,000 media sources across TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, information agencies, internet resources and blogs.

We are delighted to once again congratulate our experts on their professional success.

Best Regards,

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