An Update on Alpari-sponsored Chess Grandmaster Sergey Karjakin

06 Feb 201317:38

Dear Clients,

Sergey Karjakin

Russian chess grandmaster Sergey Karjakin kicked off 2013 with an impressive showing at a chess tournament in the Dutch city of Wijk aan Zee in January. Just to remind you, Karjakin, with the support of Alpari, is looking to return the world chess crown to Russia.

Alpari’s foray into the world of chess has earned the praise of some fairly prominent figures in Russia – most recently Alexander Zhukov, President of the Russian Olympic Committee. About Alpari’s sponsorship deal with Karjakin, Zhukov said, "Good for them. Chess really needs to find some new sponsors. That much is clear."

Karjakin recapped some of his exploits in 2012 in a recent interview with "Russian Gazette": "This was a very successful year for me personally. I earned the most important title of my career so far, becoming the first-ever world champion in rapid chess." Sergey was also recently honored at the Caissa Awards ceremony back home in Russia, where he was named Moscow’s best male chess player of 2012.

For now, Karjakin’s main focus is winning the 2012–2013 FIDE Grand Prix Series. Alpari will continue to support the young grandmaster in his quest for the world title. Good luck Sergey!

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