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Hurry to Take Part in our fx.option Promotion!

Dear Clients,

We would like to remind you that our unique special offer for fx.option accounts, launched on 13th January, 2014, has not stopped. In accordance with the offer’s conditions, clients who make deposits on their account will receive special bonuses — Safe Trade Action (STA). With the help of these bonuses, Alpari clients can get back up to 100% of funds invested in an option. The bigger the deposit on the fx.option account, the bigger the STA bonus accrued. The maximum number of STAs that a client can receive is limited to 10.

The offer will run until 28th February 2014.

Another type of bonus accessible to Alpari clients is the Protection Rate bonus. Thanks to this bonus, clients can preserve up to 5% of their investment sum if they make an incorrect forecast. After a deal has been made, the funds will be automatically placed on the account. To take a look at the details about the accruing of STA and Protection rate bonuses, go to OptionTrader in your myAlpari.

Offer Conditions

  • The offer is valid 13/01/2014 to 28/02/2014,
  • Safe Trade Action (STA) covers up to 100% of the investment sum.
  • STA encompasses all instruments, whereas Protection Rate can only be used with Forex instruments.
  • The bonuses apply for all strategies available to the client.
  • As part of the STA offer, the bonus is accrued only once when a deposit is made on the account. It is not possible to take advantage of the service twice.
  • When any deal is made, the quantity of STA decreases, independent of the deal's financial result.

Good Luck with your trades!

Best Regards,

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