New at Alpari: Binary Options, Cent-denominated Accounts and CFDs

24 Mar 201510:25

Dear Clients,

You are now able to access an extended line of trading instruments, trading products and services which are already recognized on international financial markets.

One of the key new aspects to Alpari’s product line is the addition of Binary Options, the launch of which was made possible in cooperation with Binary Products Limited. Alpari offers these trading instruments as an agent of Binary Products Limited. Binary Options allow clients to earn by making a correct price movement forecast on popular financial assets (currencies and spot metals) over a certain time period. The expiry time of an option can vary from a couple of minutes to an hour. Deals are made through the OptionTrader platform and USD and euros are used as the account deposit currency. We believe that this financial service has good prospects in Russia and the CIS. Working with Binary Options is simple and doesn’t require any special knowledge from the trader.

Alpari Clients who trade on standard.mt4 accounts will be able to use CFDs on company shares which are traded on the major stock exchanges in the world, such as the New York stock exchange and NASDAQ. Clients are now also able to trade CFDs on goods and index futures and on ETFs. Thanks to the specific nature of trading CFDs, Alpari clients will be able to make profit on both the growth and fall of share prices.

Alpari is launching a new type of account, nano.mt4, especially for beginner traders. Trading on this account is done with real funds but on a minute scale. To open a position, you need a 100 times less than the amount of funds needed for other account types. This will allow clients to understand the peculiarities of trading with real money, something a demo account doesn’t offer. There is no minimum deposit for nano accounts and the base currency is US cents and euro cents.

“The extension of our product line is a significant event not only for Alpari, but for the market as a whole. We are the market leader in the industry and effectively set the standards for the industry. Our decisions are always parroted by competitors. The consistent improvement in trading conditions and the introduction of new services are the key to the continued progress of the company. As such, the first half of 2013 was marked by sustainable development: our turnover in Russia and the CIS grew by 67%, exceeding $788 billion, whilst the quantity of accounts is approaching the million mark,” announced Alpari’s general director, Boris Shilov.

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