The Winner of the Contest to Find the Best Portfolio Manager Received 1,000 USD

Dear Clients,

Alexander Nevidimov

In Autumn last year, Alpari began a new contest for investors with PAMM Portfolios to find the best Portfolio Manager. We would like to congratulate our first winner of this contest, Alexander Nevidimov, from St. Petersburg. Alexander’s private PAMM Portfolio №10978 had the best quarterly yield to risk ratio. As winner, Alexander’s 1,000 USD prize will be placed on his transitory account. Well done Alexander and we wish you success with your future investments!

We got chance to speak with our most successful portfolio manager of the year and we asked him a few questions for our readers:

Hello Alexander! Tell us a little about yourself, how long have you been an investor?

Broadly speaking, I am more of an arts person, but narrowly speaking, I am a technical director for electronic gift cards! I only started investing recently, in autumn 2014.

Of all of our investment products, you chose the PAMM Portfolio. Are you interested in trying out any of our other products, such as: the PAMM Account, the investment funds, or our structured products?

You know, I didn’t really get chance to look at the investment funds and structured products since their yields seemed a bit too low for me. I could have invested in a separate PAMM Account, but creating a PAMM Portfolio was much simpler from an accountability perspective. All of the portfolio’s accounts are automatically in one currency and as one aggregated indicator of yield.

What for you was the founding criterion when choosing between the PAMM Accounts for your portfolio?

The most important criterion was yield in 6 months. Other than that, I had a careful look at other account indicators (in particular the coefficient of restitution) and at the online-activeness of the account manager on the forum.

Did you constantly change the make-up of your portfolio or did you succeed thanks to a stable set of investments?

I changed up my portfolio a few times. In particular, I invested in strong account managers before the sharp drop in ruble value.

What are you future plans? Do you plan to create a public portfolio and attract investors?

My future plan is to prepare for my future! I don’t plan to create a public PAMM Portfolio at the moment.

Our competition to find the best portfolio manager is not stopping: if you invest in PAMM Portfolios, join our competition in 2015. Keep watch for updates!

Best Regards,

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