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New high-yielding investment ideas

27 Jul 201821:43

Dear clients,

We'd like to share with you several new investment ideas. The development prospects for social media in China, the semiconductor memory market, and the geothermal power market are all areas with the potential to generate big returns on your investment.

Micron Technology is a global company specialising in the production of semiconductors for information storage, such as DRAM, NAND, NOR, 3D Xpoint, and others. The increase in the company's share prices will be propelled by the active development of new and innovative products with market leaders, a share buyback program, and other factors. Learn more...

Ormat Technologies is a vertically integrated international company specialising in the development, creation, and operation of power plants (mostly geothermal) from renewable energy sources. Growth in the company's share price will be stimulated by active and organic growth (the creation of new power plants) and through acquisitions and mergers. Learn more...

Momo Inc. is one of the leading companies in China's social media market, which allows its users to establish and expand their network of contacts based on common interests and location. The further commercialisation of services, growing number of customers, and continued profitability will grow the company's shares. Learn more...

Don't miss out on these excellent investment opportunities in our structured products!

Best regards,

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