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A new record: Alpari’s trading turnover in October exceeded 121bn USD

12 Dec 201717:36

Dear clients,

In October, the Alpari international financial brand’s trading turnover across key markets came to 121.6bn USD. This marks a 6% increase on September’s turnover and is the highest monthly value we’ve achieved in 2017.

The mid-Autumn month saw trading increase on all the major currency pairs. The biggest increase in turnover came from the EURUSD pair (+10%), which experienced higher demand from traders due an increase in the instrument’s volatility. A high level of trading activity was also witnessed on the GBPUSD and USDJPY instruments, as well as on our PAMM account and portfolio services.

Achieving this new record was made possible by increased trading activity from our clients as well as the company brand’s international expansion, including across South Asian markets and countries in the Indian-Oceanic region.

Alpari is now in its 5th year of working in Mauritius, where it continues to develop successfully. A year ago, in Eben; the country’s business capital, Alpari opened its regional headquarters. At the end of last month, on the 27th of October, a gala reception was held at Alpari’s office in Eben to mark the first anniversary of this opening. The event was attended by the Prime Minister of Mauritius, The Hon Pravind Kumar Jugnauth, who lauded the work of Alpari and other international brands in helping towards establishing the country as a recognised financial centre. The owner of the Alpari international financial brand, Andrey Dashin, also in attendance, noted that the Mauritian regulator’s openness to business has created a favourable investment climate, which lays the foundations for long-term cooperation.

October also saw an important milestone in the Alpari brand’s expansion into the European Union. The Financial and Capital Market Commission of Latvia took the decision to grant an investment broker’s licence to Alpari IBS AS (one of the companies under the Alpari brand). Preparations are now underway at our Latvian office to start operations, which will soon mark the beginning of a new chapter in Alpari’s work on EU markets.

Best regards,

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