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How can you earn more on Forex? Trade with your parents!

Dear clients,

Rushan Giniyatullin

The 186th round of our Formula FX tour has been won by Rushan Giniyatullin, who showed a 780% return on his investment for the week. Rushan kindly agreed to a short interview for our readers.

Have you been trading Forex for a long time?

I've actually been trading on the Forex market for 7 years. I rarely take part in competitions, but I seem to do well when I do.

What do you do for a living? Is trading your primary occupation?

Unfortunately, trading is not my primary occupation, I work with and study bees, although I'm constantly monitoring the market.

Tell us a little about your approach to trading. How do you analyse the market, what indicators do you use, do you read any additional analyses?

I don't read analyses. I use the MACD indicator and moving averages with a period of 500 and 700. My trading is fairly aggressive, I like trading in large volumes and prefer taking mid-term positions.

Do you prefer trading or have you also tried your hand at investing?

I prefer independent trading. I trade with my parents! Parents are the best indicator, they're more experienced and far-sighted. I don't indulge in investing, I've tried my hand at it and failed.

How to you relax from trading and regain your strength?

Fishing all year round helps to distract me from trading, the water gives me strength. I wish everyone good health and a clear head on the market!

The next round of our Formula FX competition starts on the 17th of April, so sign up and join the fight for a round prize fund of 1,620 USD.

Best regards,

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