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Analyst Contest, round 17 results: no contest for the leader

07 Sep 201620:15

Dear clients,

Contest winner

Deciding who the winner was for the 17th round of our Analyst contest was too simple, with Yuri Vishnevetskii taking top spot once more by a clear advantage! Congratulations to our winner and we are glad to present you with 100 USD for your win in the round.

Yuri has now won the contest for four rounds in a row, taking home a total of 400 USD in winnings. You also have the chance to receive this prize: send in your analyses to us, testing your fundamental and technical analytical capabilities, and honing your skills over a broad range of topics. Perhaps your work will be considered worthy of a prize by our specialists in the next rounds.

Furthermore, it’s not worth forgetting that entries are published on the website of one of the world’s leading brokers; a praiseworthy achievement in its own right. The more you are published, the more your name will be recognised in the world of financial analysis. Don’t be afraid to challenge our leader and maybe you will be our next lucky winner.

Best regards,

Tried and tested
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