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Virtual Reality second round winner shares his trading secrets

Dear clients,

Nikolai Panayotov

Nikolai Panayotov from Bulgaria took home the crown in the second round of our Virtual Reality contest. He shared some of his secrets to successful trading over a whole quarter with us:

How did you find out about the Forex market?

I learnt about it when I was at university. Back then it was the interbank market.

The contest round lasts a while, what kept you interested throughout that time?

The round lasts long in comparison with other contests, however, for someone who’s been involved in markets for many years, it’s not too long. Moreover, I was one of the leaders from the first month; afterwards it was easier to continue than to leave it.

What trading strategy do you stick by? Can you tell us a little about it?

In the beginning I traded in the largest volumes I could. When I got into pole position, I hardly traded at all and only on the very last day (when people started to catch me up) did I return to trading in full.

Do you trade on live accounts? Do you have any investment experience?

I traded on live accounts for a long time (from micro lots to tens of lots).

Would you say that one could make earning on the Forex market the main source of a person’s income? If so, why?

If someone want so earn from the Forex market then they can do it as their main source of income (however, this means they have to work a lot and stay very focussed over a long period of time).

What do you plan to do with your winnings?

I’m going to use my winnings to take part in Alpari’s Jackpot contest.

Congratulations on your victory Nikolai. The third round of the contest is now in full swing; maybe you will be the victor this time round! Get a move on to get yourself registered and contest to win!

Best regards,

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