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Analyst Contest round 15: looks like we have a new leader!

27 Jul 201620:37

Dear clients,

Contest winner

The summer is always a time when our contestants take a break and reduce their activities. However, our Analyst Contest is still bringing surprises! As such, it seems that we have a new leader: Yuri Vishnevetskii has broken away from the pack for the second round in a row. Yuri only began taking part in the contest not long ago, starting by coming in third place in the twelfth round and then going on to take top spot in the fourteenth, repeating his success in this round. Second and third place in this round have been occupied by participants who had never before landed themselves with a prize-winning place. Moreover, the contestant who came in second has been sending in his analyses since December last year! Well done Alexander! We are delighted by your never give up attitude and congratulate you with a deserved award.

The winners rating:

  • Yuri Vishnevetskii — 100 USD;
  • Alexander Raspopov — 90 USD;
  • Valerii Teplinskiy — 80 USD.

Each round of our Analyst Contest lasts a fortnight. Send in your analyses of current events and perhaps you will be at the top of our next rating!

Best regards,

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