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PAMM Account Named 'Best Investment Product on the Forex Market'

06 March 16:49

Dear Clients,

Alpari's Denis Kiselev Shows Off the Hardware

On April 26, 2012, the ceremony for the "Golden Pheonix" financial awards was held in the concert hall of the Borodino Hotel. "Golden Pheonix" recognizes professional excellence in a number of areas of the financial sector. Winners are chosen by a public committee consisting of finance professionals.

Award for the 'Best Investment Product on the Forex Market'

Alpari's PAMM Account service came out on top in the category "Best Forex Investment Product". This is not the first time the PAMM service has been recognized: soon after its appearance on the market, the PAMM Account took home a top prize at Russia's Financial Olympics 2008 awards. The service was also recognized at the Financial Pearl of Russia Awards, in the category "Best Capital Management Programs".

Upon receiving the award, Investment Technologies Manager Denis Kiselev commented, "Our 200,000th investment account was recently opened which is a testament to the widespread interest in our product among private investors. Moreover, this award today speaks to the recognition of our service in the professional business community, a strong indication that we are on the right path. I am sure that today's award won't be the last.

In addition to the PAMM Service, several members of Alpari's top management were recognized for their work by being included in the "Gallery of Professionals of the Financial Market"

  • Founder and first president Gleb Petrov - for his efforts in working to bring regulation to Russia's Forex market;
  • CEO Boris Shilov - for a high degree of professionalism in the Forex industry;
  • Alpari Trading School Director Sergey Semenov - for raising financial literacy among the general public.

Best Regards,

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