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The Next Generation of Alpari iTrader for iPhone – Now with Technical Analysis

27 Sep 201720:01

Dear Clients,

At Alpari, we recognize the integral role that mobile technology plays in the modern world and how it makes our lives easier. In keeping up with the times, we give our clients access to an extensive lineup of apps that allow you to make trades on your mobile devices, including iTrader for iPhone and iPod touch, iTrader for iPad, aTrader for Android OS smartphones and bTrader for BlackBerry smartphones. Our ultimate goal with these mobile applications is to ensure that the user experience is as close as possible to trading with our PC-based trading software. With the latest version of Alpari iTrader for iPhone, now available for free in the AppStore, we feel like we have taken a giant leap forward towards meeting this goal.

With iTrader, you can now:

  • Access the most popular indicators and oscillators: SMA, EMA, MACD, RSI, Stochastic, BB, ADX, Parabolic SAR, Momentum, Envelopes, Williams %R
  • Use line tools, channels and Fibonacci tools (retracement, arcs, fans)
  • View more types of charts: in addition to candlestick charts, you can now view bar charts, line charts and area charts
  • See the levels of your open positions and orders directly on the charts
  • Change the color scheme of charts and other visual elements
  • Easily switch between “View” and “Edit” mode
  • View technical analysis tools in full-screen mode or as a mini-chart on the order screen
  • View your profits/losses for each individual position or for all of your open positions combined

The new version of iTrader still contains all of the original features of the first edition, including news from Dow Jones, a variety of order types and the ability to monitor your open positions and  access your trading history. With the new added features, we feel that it’s safe to say that iTrader is now fully operational.

We invite you to take part in the future development of the iTrader app and our other trading software. With the Alpari Projects™  section in the Forum, we give traders the chance to offer their suggestions for our trading terminals and let us know about any bugs they discover. Customer feedback plays an important role in the development of the products and services at Alpari. Let us know what you have to say and your input may very well end up having an impact on future generations of our trading software.

Best Regards,

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