Alpari Charitable Fund Founder Andrey Dashin Recognized for Charitable Work

14 May 201317:19

Dear Clients,

Andrey Dashin, Chairman of the Board of Directors and founder of the Alpari Charitable Fund, was recently presented with the "Order of Beneficence", an honor bestowed by the Russian Club of Orthodox Maecenases on individuals who are actively involved in the revival of Russian traditions, the restoration of important Orthodox cultural and historical sites, as well as those who are working to help families in need, disadvantaged children and the physically handicapped. The Russian Club of Orthodox Maecenases is a civic organization which works to bring business and public leaders together for the goal of service in the community. The Order was first presented on October 7, 1995, during a ceremony at the Cathedral of Christ the Savior in Moscow.

Chairman of the Club Andrey Poklonskiy says about the Order, "It's gratifying to know that the "Order of Beneficence" is known for its wholesomeness -- it can't be bought for any amount of money, it can only be earned. To be recognized, the only criterion is doing good deeds -- it's not enough just to be a good person, you need to do good works. We feel that these people should be recognized, society should know who they are. Their example serves as an inspiration to work selflessly in the service of others. And that which is done in the service of Russia is good and honorable in any realm of society."

The awards committee recognized the impact Mr. Dashin has made in the development of charitable work in the Republic of Tatarstan where he created the Alpari Charitable Fund in 2005 with the goal of helping disadvantaged children. The Fund is currently providing regular assistance to 17 orphanages, targeted aid to 211 families with handicapped children and additional support for approximately 500 underpriviledged families.

"I am extremely honored that my charitable work has been recognized. Philanthropy has always been, and continues to be, an important part of the Russian business tradition, and I consider it my duty to continue this important work. We must also not forget our history or lose sight of our values. In fact, I see my vision in this regard in even broader terms -- I would like to see the Church Of All the Holy Kazanites in the village of Tashkermen restored," said Mr. Dashin.

Dashin Shows Off His New Medal

A large portion of the Fund's projects are aimed at creating equal opportunities for children, regardless of whether they live in a family, a children's home or an orphanage. The Fund is also working towards helping raise the standard of living in the community. Among the projects on the horizon are a new farm (which will boast a newly planted apple orchard), a children's camp at a church and a children's home which will be funded by the proceeds brought in by the farm.

The "Order of Beneficence" is bestowed annually to only ten people, all of whom are selected by the committee based on public feedback and the testimonials of others. The list of recipients includes many leading Russian businessmen, politicians and artists.

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