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Analyst Contest 9th Round: Battle Between Leaders Heats Up

05 May 201619:40

Dear Clients,

results of the ninth round

The results of the ninth round of our analyst contest are in. This round was held from 11th March to 24th April, 2016. Two leaders have really emerged from the pack: Nikolay Ludanov – who is the round winner for the fifth time – and Oleg Naumenko – who is in our rating for the sixth time. The three other places in our top five were attained by newbies, edging out some of our constant contest participants.

The final rating:

  1. Nikolay Ludanov — 100 USD;
  2. Oleg Naumenko — 90 USD;
  3. Sergey Makarov— 80 USD;
  4. Alexander Raspopov — 70 USD;
  5. Vladimir Kyakhrenov — 60 USD.

The next round of the contest is already underway! We eagerly await new analyses. Our contests are always unpredictable and so you are still in with a chance for the top prize of a place as a salaried member of Alpari’s analyst team.

Best Regards,

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