New Feature for PAMM Managers: Private PAMM Accounts

07 Feb 201313:44

Dear Clients,

Starting on December 9, 2010, Alpari PAMM Account Managers will have even more flexibility managing their accounts.  Now they will have the chance to open "private" PAMM Accounts.

Private PAMM Accounts do not show up in the PAMM Ratings, or in the Alpari Forum.  As opposed to the classic and micro accounts, the private PAMM Account will still gather data in PAMM Monitoring and allow investment.   The private PAMM Account allows Managers to try out the PAMM Service and test their newest trading strategies.  It also limits interaction with clients, eliminating the need to respond to client questions in the Forum.

To create a private PAMM Account, a PAMM Manager must select this option when opening their account.

Best Regards,

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