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Improved Trading Terms on classic.gold.mt4 Accounts

22 Jan 201315:15

Dear Clients,

Starting on October 18, 2010, you will notice some changes in the trading terms on classic.gold.mt4 accounts. The current deposit currency, XAU, will be changed to GLD (1 XAU = 1,000 GLD). The minimum contract size will be decreased to 0.01 lots. Accordingly, the following changes will take place on classic.gold.mt4 accounts:

  • The account balance will increase a thousand-fold;
  • The trading history will be corrected;
  • The conversion rates in myAlpari will be adjusted;
  • The terms and conditions of the “Gold Rush” contest will be corrected.

Additionally, classic.gold.mt4 account holders can now take advantage of these new benefits:

  • The chance to trade with volumes as low as 0.01 lots;
  • The minimum deposit will be reduced to 70 USD (50 GLD);
  • Limits on the minimum transfer of funds have been removed.

Now, our clients will have the chance to trade with GLD (Gold) as the deposit currency in the Gold Rush contest, with reduced margin requirements and the option to trade 0.01 lots.

Sample Calculation:

Suppose you deposit 1,000 USD to your classic.gold.mt4 account. At the time, the market price of gold is 1,250 USD per troy ounce. Therefore, one GLD will be worth 1,250 / 1,000 = 1.25 USD. This means that if you deposit 1,000 USD to your account, you will credited with 1,000/1.25 = 800 GLD (GOLD). Furthermore, using GLD as a deposit currency, you can now trade Gold Spot and Gold Futures.

We always try to make your trading as comfortable as possible and we are always working towards expanding the number of quality services we offer.

Best Regards,
Alpari NZ

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