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06 Feb 201315:23

Dear Clients,

Today, there is a large number of analytical magazines, websites, blogs and other resources that help traders navigate the market situation and get acquainted with important financial news. However, the ability to receive up-to-date information in real-time is not so widespread. We have solved this problem! Alpari is happy to announce that we are launching a new service: Alpari Squawk.

Our new service is a dedicated audio stream that filters major market-moving news throughout each trading day. Listeners are able to hear the latest information from professional analysts based in the city of London. This innovative solution helps the modern trader make more informed and confident trading decisions and attain a critical edge in approaching the market in any conditions. Key benefits of Alpari Squawk:

  • Detailed market commentary from professional analysts in Great Britain.
  • Comprehensive study and analysis of the latest breaking news on financial markets, including economic data.
  • News on interest rates, equities, Forex and commodity markets.
  • In-depth analysis of market data.
  • Daily and weekly reports on economic data, highlighting major global events.

Starting today, Alpari clients can hear about the latest Forex news with the help of Alpari Squawk absolutely free of charge. This new service will be available every working day from 07:45 to 22:15 (CET). Get connected!

Best Regards,
Alpari NZ

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