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No Commission in February! You Deposit, We Pay!

Dear Clients,

Alpari would like to help you keep your spirit up during this frosty time of year. From February 1st through 28th, we will take care of the payment system or bank commission if you deposit money to your trading account using any method mentioned on our website.

Deposit to your trading account commission-free for the whole month of February! We strive to always make your work easier and more convenient.


  1. We will pay the commission by depositing the amount withheld when completing a money transfer to your trading account.
  2. If the deposit currency is different from the account currency, we will return the commission in the account currency (at the rate published in the Personal Area the day we deposit to your account).
  3. If you deposited to your account using a bank wire transfer, you need to send the Payments Department a SWIFT copy and a document confirming the size of the commission no later than 3 days after the transfer has been completed.
  4. This promotion applies to all money transfers made between February 1st and 28th, 2010.

Best Wishes,
Alpari NZ

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