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Alpari awarded as the best Investor.

13 May 201313:40

Dear Clients,

This September, Alpari was named the most profit-making manager and investor.

According to the annual results Nikolay (51225 account number) was acknowledged the best investor as he has earned 495% profit of portfolio investments during two months. Nikolay lives permanently in Germany so he could not visit our office in Moscow. We’ve sent him his present by post. The best Manager and Investor got an innovative Sony Vaio multi-media center.

Nikolay Will Receive a Sony Vaio Computer

Nikolay told us a few words about himself and shared his secrets of successful PAMM-account investments with our Customers.

Nikolay, you’ve won the Contest nominated as the «Most Profit-making Investor». Your trading results are very impressive — 495%. Tell us, please, a few words about yourself. How did you join Forex trading, Alpari and PAMM-accounts?

— When I was young I was fond of going in for sports for the benefit of health and I did my best to vary sports — football, volleyball, basketball, handball, ski, boat racing, swimming, pass hopping. After the Soviet collapse I had an opportunity to move to Germany where I decided to try trading as I wanted to be financially independent but I couldn’t speak German as well as the Germans do. So in 2001 I started trading stocks, including the Russians too, but when the market moved down I understood that one trend trading was unprofitable and I started options trading. Later I traded futures and certificates too. I started trading on Forex just 4 years ago. Now I devote all my spare time and money to Forex trading as it’s my only income. But I have no regrets!

Was it difficult to understand the principles of PAMM-account functioning?

— After I had read and analyzed all the opening account documents of western brokers, it wasn’t difficult to deal with the PAMM-account. Everything’s thorough and thoughtful.

Do you have any experience of individual trading? Have you ever had such a profit (495%)?

— I’ve never traded myself on a live-account, but I have rather impressive trading results on my demo-account.

Have you ever invested funds before the PAMM-accounts?

— Once I saw successful PAMM-account managers I’ve decided to invest money. I placed my funds in order to earn money. And I did!

What advice can you give to the PAMM-account investors?

— I’m not an expert of investing and I can’t give any advices. But in my opinion an investor must remember that PAMM-account risks are 100% that’s why an investor should invest free funds only. Also it would be better to diversify your investments to different PAMM-accounts in order to minimize the risks. And keep your eyes open of course — expert managers never promise whole mountains of gold.

We congratulate our Investor from all our heart with such impressive result. Nikolay proved that you can easily get profit investing in PAMM-account. Persistence and proper analysis of Managers’ work with the help of PAMM-accounts Rating and risk assessment are the key point of successful investments.

We wish you profitable investments.


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