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Changes to Working Times Over New Year Period

28 Dec 201517:25

Dear Clients,

We hope you all had a very merry Christmas and would like to wish you a happy New Year for 2016!

Please take note of the following changes to our working times over the New Year period:

Department 31/12/2015 04/01/2016
Technical Support until 18:00 (GMT) open as usual
Payments and Request Processing from 06:00 until 15:00 (GMT) from 06:00 until 15:00 (GMT)
Partner Program closed closed
Operators until 18:00 (GMT) open as usual
Client Support closed closed
Investment Department from 06:00 until 18:00 (GMT) from 06:00 until 19:00 (GMT)

All above mentioned departments are closed on 1st January, 2016. Working hours will resume as normal on 5th January, 2016.

You can find out more information by contacting us on +44 8449 869559.

Best Regards,

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