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Just for Alpari UK Clients: Receive 30% on Your Deposit

Alpari is pleased to report that we have emerged completely intact from CHF crisis, thanks to our effective and solid risk management policy and preventive measures taken in due time by our experienced team.

If you are an Alpari UK client, switch to Alpari and resume your trading as normal! Once you switch to us and make a deposit to your account, we will give you 30% on top of the transfer amount.

How to Use the Offer:

  1. Register for myAlpari.
  2. Send an email with your myAlpari number and a statement from Alpari UK to .
  3. We will send you an email with a registration link.
  4. Register for the promotion, make a deposit to your standard.mt4 account, using an external payment system, of not less than 200 USD.

Once you have made the 200 USD minimum deposit (or the equivalent in another currency), Alpari will issue a bonus credit of 30% of your deposit to your trading account!

Get up to 3,000 USD from Alpari and start trading! For each 20 lots you trade, your account balance will be credited with 100 USD of the bonus which can be withdrawn.

Please Note: This promotion is valid exclusively for Alpari UK clients except for persons from the European Union and countries of the European Economic Area under MiFID.

Best Regards,

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