Alpari’s trading turnover in August exceeded 137bn USD

Dear clients,

Alpari’s trading turnover in August across key international markets came out at 137.4bn USD, maintaining the high performance seen on this indicator throughout the year1.

In the last month of summer, the EURUSD currency pair maintained its position as Alpari’s most popular financial instrument. Turnover increased on all our major instruments except for the GBPUSD pair. This pair saw significant growth in turnover throughout June and July, before returning to pre-summer levels in August.

Traders continue to show increased interest in trading gold as political and economic conflicts dominate the world stage. Along with this, turnover on the XAUUSD instrument is also rising. After a huge increase of 45% in July, turnover on the XAUUSD instrument continued its growth in August, rising by another 16% to reach its all-time high in the company’s history.

In other news, as of August, Alpari clients can now top up their accounts in EUR and USD via Visa and MasterCard in the Alpari Mobile and Alpari Invest apps.

Best regards,

Please note:

  1. Trading turnover is the key performance indicator for measuring a company’s effectiveness in the Forex industry. It’s a reflection of the total monetary value of all trades performed during the reference period, including all margin trades and trades opened with leverage.
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