Alpari Presents New Version of MetaTrader 5 With Locking Function

Dear Clients,

For a decade now the majority of Alpari clients have given preference to the MetaTrader trading terminal for use in their work on the Forex market. The terminal is provided by the acclaimed international developer of solutions for working on financial markets: MetaQuotes Software Corp. Alpari was the first to offer its clients the newest generation of the platform, the fourth and the fifth, making MetaTrader the most popular trading terminal in the world.

Now current and prospective Alpari clients throughout the world have the opportunity to use the updated version of MetaTrader 5 (MT5) for free in their demo account trading transactions. The key innovation for the platform is the opportunity to open locked positions when using ecn.mt5 accounts. Traders who began to work using this platform before this update will continue to trade according to the previous terms.

Thanks to the main thing that sets MT5 aside from other platforms – netting of trading positions – traders received access to all kinds of markets, thereby facilitating the rapid growth in the platform’s popularity. However, netting previously did not meet the needs of the wider trader community in over-the-counter market trading which has got used to using locked positions; management of trades which are open in different directions on a position-by-position basis. The new option takes into account trader preference for using strategies with locked positions, adding to the already outstanding functionality of MetaTrader 5.

“We are constantly perfecting our products and services to support and increase the ease, speed and accuracy of our clients’ trading. The launch of the latest version of the MT5 platform will allow traders to use both systems of position calculation – netting and locking – depending on the strategy they apply, whilst at the same time using the progressive development of the latest generation of trading platform,” noted Alpari CEO, Boris Shilov.

MetaTrader 5 can currently be named as one of the most progressive trading platforms from the point of view of its trading system organisation. The new functionality is designed to attract even more traders to trading Forex for them to receive the maximum possibilities available to work effectively on the financial markets with Alpari.

Best Regards,

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