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The Capital Account: trading and investment using a structured product as security

Structured products are now more profitable than ever! Take advantage of a unique opportunity to use the funds you have invested in a structured product to trade Forex or invest in a PAMM Account or PAMM Portfolio.

Squeeze the most from your investment

Forex trading and investing, using funds secured on a structured product.


Steps to using a Capital Account

  1. Choose the structured product that you like. The sum of investment should exceed 3,000 USD1 with a capital protection level of 66.7%. The service will only become available if the amount which is advanced to the client (the financing limit) exceeds 1,600 USD. You can calculate your financing limit by using the following formula: CPL / 100 x the product’s cost x 0.8. Where CPL is the Capital Protection Level of the structured product.
  2. When your purchase of the structured product has been confirmed, our specialists will consider issuing you an advance. If they agree to provide this sum, a transatory account specifically for the advance will appear in your myAlpari. The balance on the account2 will be available for you to use when trading.
  3. Activate the account.
  4. Transfer funds from the now activated Capital Account to a trading account or investment account which has a zero balance, and then trade and invest as usual. The only difference is that the funds can only be accepted back to the account from which the deposit was made.
  5. To withdraw your profit, make a transfer from the trading account back to the Capital Account, and then, as per normal, onto a transitory account. During this process, withdrawal limitations on the account are applied just as on the transitory account to which the structured product is attached (for example, if the account was funded via a credit card, Moneybookers or FasaPay, then you will only be able to withdraw the funds using the payment method used to make the deposit, or via a bank transfer).
  6. After the structured product matures and the profit has been calculated, the Capital Account will be automatically closed and deleted. Any funds earned on the account will be moved to the transitory account, in the currency in which the structured product was purchased. Withdrawal limitations are removed from the trading and investment accounts and you can continue to use them as normal.
Buy a structured product

Already purchased a structured product? Start trading with a Capital Account.

Capital Account example

A client buys a structured product worth 3,000 USD with capital protection set to 100%. After considering the parameters of the product, the company offers a Capital Account with a balance of 2,400 USD. The following outcomes are possible:

  • Investment starts
  • Investment ends
  • Investment in a structured product
  • Balance for the Capital Account
  • Profit from the structured product investment
  • Profit from trading on the Capital Account






The structured product makes a profit

The return on the structured product, when it matures, is 20% therefore providing a profit of 600 USD. So, at product maturity:

  • Client makes a profit trading on the Capital Account.
    If the client, as the product matures, has earned 825 USD on the Capital Account, then in total they earn 600 USD + 825 USD = 1,425 USD. The overall profit is 47.5%.
  • The client makes a loss trading on the Capital Account.
    If the client, as the product matures, made a loss of 180 USD trading on the Capital Account, this amount is automatically accounted for in the return of the structured product. Therefore, the client makes 600 USD – 180 USD = 420 USD. The profit on the original investment of 3,000 USD is therefore 14%.

The structured product makes zero profit

If, when the product matures, the profit is zero, then the client gets back everything they earned from trading on the Capital Account. If the client made a loss on the Capital Account then the loss will be removed from the amount returned for the structured product.

Calculations on the investment account are managed the same way.

Vui lòng lưu ý:

  1. The minimum amount indicated for capital protection of 66.7%. If the value of the product that you purchase is greater than 3,000 USD, then the level of capital protection can be less than 66.7%.
  2. A Capital Account is created for each structured product and lasts until the product matures. The Capital Account funds can only be used for trading or investing, and cannot be withdrawn or transferred to other transitory accounts. To learn more about Capital Accounts, please contact one of our consultants.
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