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Top Portfolio Manager, Q3 results

Dear clients,

We're pleased to announce the results of the latest round of our Top Portoflio Manager competition. Each round lasts a quarter, during which investors compete by assembling and managing an investment portfolio.

The prize fund of 1,800 USD is shared among the top three participants. The total amount of funds across participating portfolios has increased tenfold since the start of the round. We offer all the winners our congratulations. We conducted a short interview with the first-placed participant, who shared with us some of the secrets of their success:

1st place — Roman Tolstenko, prize: 1,000 USD

Portfolio TANDPA

Roman Tolstenko

Hello Roman! Tell us a little bit about yourself, have you been investing for a long time?

I'm 35, I don't have a financial education, but I do run my own small business. I got interested in investing in 2011 with the idea that I wanted my money to generate more income than it would in the bank. In 2013, I started investing more actively, which had a big influence on my life. In fact, it gave me a new take on business. I believe that investment is like a small business; with similar risks.

How did you hear about Alpari and what made you decide to take part in the competition?

I deliberately chose Alpari after having made some big mistakes with other brokers! I haven't had a single problem during my time with Alpari. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank the company for that! Actually, I hadn't planned on taking part in the compeition; I just suddenly decided to give it a try. I achieved my personal goal of making it into the top 10 of the ratings, although I didn't anticipate that I would win the competition outright.

What was the fundamental criterion for you in selecting PAMM accounts for your portfolio?

I had a lot of criteria, but I suppose the most fundamental ones were the account's age, stability, and recovery factor. My selection consisted solely of conservative accounts. I think that my portfolio turned out conservative and well-balanced.

Did you change the composition of your portfolio much or is your success down to a solid selection of managers?

I didn't change the portfolio's composition as that would have gone against my main idea. The thought did occur to me several times when one of the accounts was in a downturn, but everything turned out as I expected in the end.

Did your portfolio receive any investments during the competition? Did this have an effect on your work?

No investments were made, which I think is a good thing at this stage. I withdrew the proposal for 2 months until I was convinced of my strategy. I'm not sure it would have had much of an effect on the portfolio, though, as my strategy was well thought out.

What are your plans for the future? Do you plan to continue working on your portfolio and to attract investment?

I've got big plans for the future! I've got a whole host of new ideas! The portfolio will continue to operate in its current state; it's already available for investment. I'm not planning to rotate accounts on this portfolio. I might change it up a little bit (I'm more likely to add an account than remove one), other managers are constantly revising theirs. I'd like to add that my portfolio is conservative and has realistic expectations.

Do you plan to create another portoflio with a higher income, or, conversely, with lower risk?

I have thought about opening a more lucrative portfolio. I'd first need to test it for at least 6 months. Then, maybe, I'll open a new public portfolio. I've got a lot of ideas.

What advice would you give to novice investors?

I'd advise beginners to take a common sense approach when selecting accounts, which only comes from experience, patience, and a bit of luck. You should only invest money that you can afford to lose.

2nd and 3rd places were both won by Danil Romanov, who will receive 500 USD for second place (portfolio: Amy USD) and 300 USD for third place (portfolio: Amy).

Danil Romanov

Those who want to show off their investment skills and try for the top prize of 1,000 USD can take part in the next round. You can find out more about how the competition works here.

We offer the winners our sincerest congratulations and wish all competitors the best of luck in the next round!

Best regards,

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