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PRO.ECN market depth

Open up all the opportunities of the pro.ecn.mt4 account with market depth from Alpari!

Market depth is one of the exclusive services which increases the opportunities of the pro.ecn.mt4 account for the MetaTrader 4 trading platform. Set the current liquidity level and trade parameters for yourself, in addition to being able to quickly open positions and place orders.

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With the help of market depth you can:

  • Quickly indicate or correct the order volume in lots in one window.
  • Send pending orders at the current price using the Market as Limits option, simply by clicking the checkbox in the corresponding field. The option protects the order from slippage; fixing the price at no worse than the one shown, however
    execution is not guaranteed.
  • Find out the current average-weighted price for the volume selected1.
  • Quickly find out the current spread for the trading instrument selected.
  • Compare current liquidity volumes for Ask and Bid quotes.
  • Trade with one click with the help of Buy and Sell buttons.
  • Place pending orders in just a couple of clicks, having indicated the direction and opening price of the trade.
  • Quickly set the Stop Loss and Take Profit values in points for a market order opened or when placing pending orders.
  • Close all open positions and pending orders (including for just one instrument) set earlier in just one click.

Be certain of the transparency involved in your trading on the Forex market by using market depth from Alpari!

Download market depth

How to set up market depth2

  • Launch the installation program

    Download and launch the installation file for market depth, agreeing to all of the licensing documentation by clicking on the necessary checkbox.

  • Manually indicate that the program be saved in the file where MetaTrader 4 is installed

    To find out where this is, right click on the MetaTrader 4 shortcut, select Properties, copy the contents of the working directory and paste them in the address bar of the installation window. If the address automatically proposed by the program is correct, simply continue installing.

  • Manually indicate the pathway to the MetaTrader 4 data catalogue

    To do this, launch MetaTrader 4, click File and select Open the data folder. Copy the pathway to the data folder in the address bar and paste it in the installation window. Go to the next step to confirm installation completion.

  • Restart the MetaTrader 4 platform

    Wait for market depth to be installed completely and restart the trading platform.

Launch market depth in MetaTrader 4 and start trading!

How to launch market depth in MetaTrader 4

Before launching market depth, be sure that you have opened a pro.ecn.mt4
account and are logged into it in the MetaTrader 4 platform.

  • Following installation, market depth will appear in the Navigator window of the MetaTrader 4 terminal in the Scripts section.

  • For market depth to work correctly you need to allow expert advisors to trade and import DLL. To do so: in MetaTrader 4 select the Tools tab; then Options; and click the necessary checkbox in the Expert Advisors tab that in the window that opens.

  • Also, don’t forget to allow automatic trading in the instrument panel.

To launch market depth, you need to drag and drop the script onto the graph and click OK in the settings window.

How to set up market depth

After you have dragged and dropped the market depth script onto the graph, in the window that appears,
click on the Inputs tab and set the variable values as you see fit:

And that’s it! All the best with your trades!

Please Note:

  1. The Volume-Weighted Average Price (VWAP) is calculated instantaneously in the market depth on the basis of the volume selected and liquidity available. It is worth noting that the price, just as with all quotes, is indicative and for informational purposes. The final price may differ from the calculated one.
  2. System requirements for installing market depth for PC: OS Windows Vista / Windows 7 and later. Market depth is not supported by OS Windows XP or earlier systems.
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