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Skrill Withdrawals

Skrill Withdrawals

Processing Time

Within one business day of submitting the request.


2.5%. The commission will be deducted from the withdrawal amount in your request.


  1. Log in to myAlpari and go to the "Transfer Funds" section. Choose an account you are going to withdraw funds from and Skrill. Fill out a withdrawal request.
  2. A confirmation code will be sent to your registered mobile phone. You will need to enter this code before you can submit your request.
  3. In the "Fund Transfer History" section you can check the status of your transfer. Once you see the status "Funds sent", check to make sure the funds have been transferred to your Skrill purse.

Important information

Keep the following in mind when making a withdrawal through Skrill:

  • Alpari reserves the right to request a client's proof of identity when they submit a request to withdraw funds to a Skrill electronic purse (see clause 1.5 of the Regulations on Non-Trading Operations).
  • Our clients can only make Skrill withdrawals from their Alpari accounts to their own Skrill electronic purse.
  • If you accidentally withdraw funds to a nonexistent Skrill wallet, you may register this wallet and have your funds credited to it. If this wallet is not registered within 14 days, the funds will automatically be sent back to your account.
  • If the currency your Skrill wallet is denominated in is neither USD nor EUR, the withdrawal amount will be converted at Skrill’s exchange rate. This rate can be found on Skrill’s website. Please note that Skrilltakes additional commission for currency conversion.
  • If you have made a credit/debit card deposit with Skrill, your Skrill purse must be activated before you can make a withdrawal to it.
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