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Withdrawals with Credit or Debit Cards

Withdrawals with Credit or Debit Cards

Processing Time

Within 2 working days of the request being confirmed.


  • 1.2% + 2 EUR for MasterCard.

Required documents

You will need to provide our Payments Department with the following documents:

  • A scanned copy or photo of your passport.
  • A scanned copy or photo of the credit/debit card (front and back). On the front, you should be able to see the cardholder's full name, the "valid" date of the card, the name of the bank that issued the card and the first six and the last four digits of the card number (the rest of the digits may be covered). The copy or scan of the reverse side should show the cardholder's signature. The CVC2/CVV2 code must be covered. See the example.

If you use more than one card to make the deposit, please provide a scanned copy of each card.

You may upload scans of your passport and credit/debit card to myAlpari in the "My Account" – Client Profile section.



  1. Log in to myAlpari and go to the "Transfer Funds" – "Fund Withdrawal" section. Select MasterCard and fill in the form provided.
  2. Enter the 16 digit number on the front of your card.
  3. The confirmation code will be sent to the mobile number you indicated in your myAlpari. To continue the operation, enter this code in the field provided and click Transfer Funds.

Important information

Please keep the following in mind when making a withdrawal with your credit or debit card:

  • The company does not carry out funds withdrawals to bank cards held by a third party.
  • The transfer currencies are USD and EUR. The conversion rate set by the company can be seen in myAlpari.
  • The maximum transfer amount is 2,000 USD / 1,700 EUR per transfer and 50,000 EUR per month. You can make up to five transfers per card per day.
  • Funds can only be withdrawn to MasterCard bank cards on which the holder's name appears, that have not been issued by European banks and are non-virtual.
  • Fund withdrawals to prepay cards is unavailable.
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