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Account-to-account Transfers

Account-to-account Transfers

Processing Time

In most cases, the funds will be posted to your account within a few hours of the request being sent. If there is a delay, processing shouldn't take longer than one business day from the time the request was sent.


This type of transfer has no commission or extra costs.


  1. Select "Account-to-account Transfers" from the upper menu of myAlpari and fill out the transfer request1.
  2. If you see the status "Processing" in your "Transfer History", it means your request has been received. “Funds sent” means that the funds have been transferred successfully.


Be careful when filling out the request. After a transfer has been made, you will not be able to have the funds returned to the sending account.

Important information

When transferring funds between accounts, please keep the following in mind:

  • Alpari will not process requests to transfer funds to a third-party account (see our Regulations for Non-trading Operations).
  • If a deposit was made to an Alpari account using a credit / debit card (through a processing center) or using the Skrill system, and money is transferred from this account to another Alpari account, the other account will be treated as an account to which a deposit was made by credit / debit card. This means that a client will only be able to make a withdrawal from this account via bank wire transfer to an account opened in the name of the cardholder or, if the deposit was made using the Skrill system, to the Skrill electronic purse used to make the deposit to the first account.

Please Note:

  1. Funds can be transferred between all Alpari account types (both trading and non-trading accounts). If the two Alpari accounts involved in your transfer are denominated in different currencies, Alpari will be required to make a conversion. This conversion will be made at our current exchange rates.
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