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Hot summer bonus

Hot summer bonus!

Hot summer bonus!

Top up your account by the 15th of August and receive a 100% bonus on your deposit amount.


  1. These terms and conditions set out the procedure by which the "100% Summer Bonus" offer (hereinafter "Offer") shall be conducted.
  2. Alpari Limited (hereinafter "Company") is responsible for organising the Offer.
  3. These Terms set out the procedure for the receipt of bonus funds. Bonuses are credited to the client's trading account.
  4. The Offer will run from the 15th of June through the 15th of August, 2018.
  5. This Offer is only available to Alpari clients who have registered through the link in the banner on the Company website by the 15th of August, 2018 (inclusive). Clients may register for and take part in the Offer only once.


    If the client did not register through the link provided in the banner, they are not considered as a participant in the Offer and will not receive a bonus.

  6. After registration, the participant in the Offer must make a deposit to a standard.mt4 account from an external payment system of at least 100 USD (or equivalent in EUR or GLD according to the Company's internal exchange rate at the time of transfer) within a period of 7 days. Commission fees that have been reimbursed to the client by the Company as part of a different special offer are not included as part of the deposit amount when calculating the bonus. Once the client has registered for the Offer, only the first standard.mt4 account to be topped up thereafter will be able to take part in the Offer. Internal transfers between accounts are not considered as deposits (except for cases when the transfer is made from a recently topped up transitory account to a trading account). If the client registers for the Offer after having made a deposit to a trading account, this deposit will not be considered as part of the Offer.
  7. The client understands and agrees that all transfers are dated based on the time at which they are executed by the Company, not on the time at which the request is made.
  8. Clients, having complied with the provisions set out in clauses 5 and 6 of these Terms, will receive a bonus in the form of non-withdrawable credit from the Company, amounting to 100% of their deposit.
  9. The maximum total bonus amount is 5,000 USD (or equivalent in EUR / GLD according to the Company's internal exchange rate at the time of transfer).
  10. The Offer's Active Participation Period begins the moment the bonus is calculated for the client's first deposit, lasting 30 days or less should the period of the offer expire earlier than 30 days. During the Offer's Active Participation Period the bonus is also accrued on all internal (replenishment of the personal account and subsequent transfer of funds to the trading account) and external deposits to the trading account participating in the Offer, excluding all withdrawals of funds from the moment the client registers for the Offer.

    Example 1. A client registers for the Offer, withdraws 100 USD from their standard.mt4 account, and subsequently makes a deposit of 100 USD to the same account. In this case, the client will not be credited with a bonus because the aggregate amount of funds deposited since registering for the Offer is zero.

  11. In order to make your bonus available for withdrawal, you need to complete a certain amount of trading turnover with currency pairs and/or spot metals within a period of 30 days of receiving the bonus. For each full lot traded, 5 USD (or equivalent in EUR / GLD according to the company's internal exchange rate at the time of transfer) of withdrawable funds will be credited. You can calculate the trading turnover required for the full bonus amount to be made available for withdrawal on your account through the following formula: Bonus amount (converted into USD at the Company's internal exchange rate on the day the bonus funds are credited) / 5 USD.
  12. The client's participation in the Offer will be ended prematurely if:
    • The client has completed the required trading turnover to convert their full bonus amount to withdrawable funds. Upon the fulfilment of these conditions, the full bonus amount will be automatically made available for withdrawal.
    • The client withdraws funds by any method (including internal transfer) from the trading account participating in the Offer after having made a deposit to it of at least 100 USD (or equivalent in EUR / GLD according to the Company's internal exchange rate at the time the funds were deposited). In such cases, bonus funds will be made available for withdrawal in accordance with the amount of trading turnover completed by the client up until the moment of withdrawal. Any remaining credit funds will be wiped.
  13. At the end of the 30-day period after bonus funds have been credited for the first account deposit, if their participation in the Offer has not been ended prematurely, a certain amount of their bonus funds will be made available for withdrawal in accordance with the volume of trading operation completed by the client during this time period. All remaining bonus funds will be wiped.

    Example 2. A client makes a deposit of 1,000 USD to a standard.mt4 account. In accordance with these Terms, the client receives 1,000 USD in bonus funds on their account. If the client wishes to convert this bonus into withdrawable funds, then they need to trade 200 lots. If the client manages to trade 200 lots within 30 days of receiving the bonus, they will be credited with 1,000 USD of withdrawable funds before the end of this 30-day period. Formula: 1,000 × 100% / 5 = 200 lots. However, if the client only manages to trade a smaller volume during the Offer period, let's say, 100 lots, then only 500 USD (where 1 lot = 5 USD) will be made available for withdrawal, which will be credited to the client's account at the end of the 30-day period starting from the moment the bonus funds were credited. At this point, the remaining 500 USD of bonus funds on the account will be wiped.

  14. The Offer is subject to the following restrictions:
    • The turnover calculation only includes trades that are both opened and closed during the Offer period and are kept open for at least 3 minutes.
    • During the Offer period, a negative account balance is not compensated for and credit funds are not wiped until the 30-day period has come to an end or until the trading volume conditions have been fulfilled.
    • Credit funds are not included in the calculations for Equity and Free Margin. The Stop Out level is 0% for accounts participating in the Offer
    • In cases where Equity on the account is equal to or less than the amount of credited bonus funds, the Company retains the right to forcibly close the client's open positions and prevent further trading until the required amount funds are deposited or until the Offer ends.
    • For locked positions, the turnover calculation will factor in only half of the position's total volume.
    • In the event that a fraudulent transaction made with credit funds is detected, the Company reserves the right to prematurely end the offending account's participation in the Offer and to wipe any credited bonus funds from the account without prior warning or explanation.
  15. By taking part in the Offer, the client confirms that they understand and accept these Terms.
  16. The client understands and accepts that the MetaTrader 4 terminal will take bonus funds into account when calculating the Margin Level on accounts participating in the Offer.
  17. The Company reserves the right to make changes to these Terms at any time, without prior notification.


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